Our ambition is to create items and upholstered furnishings of absolute
quality following a vocation engrained in our territory, a land which has always given origin to excellent craftsmanship in the art of upholstery.

    An ancient profession where technology can make a real difference. Imagining a product and making it, but going through an innovative process where modern tools and creativity allow you to minimize the risk of failure. Specializations which have become necessary today for acquiring market share and fulfilling projects.
    The entire production cycle is managed by ACD so as to ensure direct control of the main stages of production and ensure consistent and unvarying quality for each type of product. Template design, cutting of rubber and fabrics, tailoring specialized in upholstery sewing, assembly of finished products: all follow a production process dictated by precise programming logistics and respect for time schedules. Each phase is accompanied by scrupulous quality control which guarantees achieving a final standard of excellence.
    This is a fundamental tool in being able to support customers in the difficult task of defining all aspects of a project before it is executed. A fundamental and precious added value which facilitates discussion in a modern and unequivocal way: elaborations concerning specifications, measurements and final design aspects of products manufactured for the first time or modified according to special requests. ACD has always pursued the path of technology as an indispensable tool to providing an efficient service, even though the resulting processes are always typically handcrafted.
    This is a true art form, the ability to carry out a project for a finishing which conforms perfectly with the initial templates. ACD has a cutting and sewing department where specialized seamstresses work with the finest fabrics and leathers paying attention to the smallest details; an ancient craft which requires expertise and dexterity backed by true dedication and passion.
    This is the final phase, yielding a living product, the synthesis of a long and laborious journey. An expert upholsterer uses a variety of tools, hammers, pincers, scissors, needles and thread, but it is above all their own hands and sensitivity which can vary intensities and aestheticinterpretations to obtain an elegant and well made product. Only the best craftsmen are included in the sphere of being able to call upon aptitudes, skills and personal flair.
    Design Lab
    ACD has at your disposal the skills developed in CAD and 3D technology for the design of new items or entire collections, starting from simple directions or initial ideas. The design laboratory is able to create three-dimensional drawings thanks to the use of advanced rendering programs which reproduce a virtual reality corresponding to an idea for the final product. Objects modelled perfectly down to the smallest details can be placed and imagined in specific locations before actually being made in the final measurements. This is a modern process which has become an indispensable support element when working in demanding sectors such as contract and custom-made.