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ACD’s craftsmanship expertise can be applied in different sectors and  markets thanks to the flexibility of its production cycle and the level of specialization achieved over the years. The ability to manage major orders and the support of a highly qualified technical department mean that the company is able to manage a large variety of clients with the same quality guarantee for the final result. The main areas of business are: industry, contract and bespoke.


The company’s operations over the years has permitted it to grow and structure itself thanks to consolidated relationships worldwide with clients of both classic and modern high-end furniture. A path that began many years ago and which has seen the company evolve to meet the continuous demands that fashion and design have increasingly imposed over time. Different production techniques, materials and accessories have always characterized the production of series of prestigious brands and continue to do so, and have become industry reference points thanks to the manufacturing skills made available by ACD.


This is the fastest growing sector for the company and embraces different types of customers ranging from the world of hospitality to that of catering, from residential to nautical.
ACD has established a leading role thanks to its ability to customize production solutions, production capacity, internally developed technical skills and its experience in the creation of prototypes involving a large variety of different materials. Common areas in hotels, luxury rooms, outdoor fillings and paddings, wall coverings or boiserie: an infinite number of different applications developed for large-scale projects. Respect for deadlines and mandatory quality standards are the essential prerequisites for being able to operate as forerunners in such a saturated and competitive sector.


A variety of different products conceived and designed by architects and interior designers, at times simply a sketch on a sheet of paper, which come to life and discover their shape and form thanks to the technical and productive know-how developed by ACD. Customization has become a market necessity, allowing projects to be diversified, given character and uniqueness. This has generated a continuous search for artisan manufacturers able to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding customers. And ACD has managed, in this difficult task, to establish a leading role thanks to its specialization expertise and use of modern technologies in the field of design. The final result is the possibility to realize any custom-made item of upholstered furniture or complement for specific requirements, even for limited series.